Compact, intensive, interdisciplinary:

The Ruhr Master School Block Week


The winter term is just around the corner and RMS Block Week will be able to offer various elective modules in attendance again! Please just keep in mind that the offering universities might have individual COVID-19 precautions when it comes to accessing the campus or attending a seminar. Reach out to us in case you need any assistance: ✉ show mail-address
We are very pleased about the wide range of Block Week modules and would like to express our gratitude to all colleagues who actively participate!


From 14. to 18. November 2022. Some modules already start with an e-leaning unit before that.


At the RMS locations Bochum (HS BO), Dortmund (FH DO) and Gelsenkirchen (WHS).


Because you can compactly and intensively engage in one topic for one week in an interdisciplinary way.
Because it is easier to attend a module from one of the partner universities.
Because you get to know other lecturers and fellow students.
Because you can broaden your horizon.


Please sign up here until 28. September 2022 .
Some modules have a restricted number of participants. The motto is "first come - first serve"! In case your selected Block Week module takes place at one of the german partner universities, please complete the application form for Registration as visiting student.


The following modules are offered as a block week:

Any questions?

If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact the RMS-coordinators or send an email to: ✉ show mail-address